Dog Grooming

While dogs don’t need a daily shower a brush once a week is a great idea. Again, how often you need to brush will depend on the breed of dog and fur length.

Brushing helps you bond with your dog and removes dead hair and dirt. In addition it allows you to detect mats, fleas, sore spots and other abnormalities.

Remove mats and tangles gently in the same way you would for humans. It is important to eliminate mats as if left they can pull the skin and cause pain to Fido. In extreme cases the dog can even adjust their movements to prevent the pain caused by the matting.

In addition, a bath & groom once a month is very beneficial. If bathing at home make sure you use lukewarm water as well as doggy shampoo and conditioner. Dog skin is more sensitive than ours. Ensure your hair dryer is set on cool as well.

Too messy or time-consuming? Then bring Fido into Hound Central and we’ll take care of it for you.

Dog bath & blow dry plus nail clip starts at $30.