The Beginning

My love affair with dogs began back in 1999 when I adopted my first rescue dog from the RSPCA. Beanie was an elderly miniature terrier crossed with something in a very bad mood. She became more or less affectionately known as Beanie The Demon Dog. Then I had a hankering for a big dog, and along came Emma. She was a very sweet ridgeback x, again from the RSPCA.

Emma was quite lonely without another big dog to keep her company – Beanie ignored her – and proceeded to chew the outdoor furniture, destroy the fernery, and cry when I left for work in the morning. (A mature, 14 year old Emma is pictured bottom left below.)

So back I went to the RSPCA and along came Indy. (You will have to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to understand the inspiration behind the name.) He was a German shepherd x doberman with a sooky streak. Not long after Indy came Molly, another ridgeback x, a twin to Emma.

To complete the Hound Central family was Poppy- a very sweet labrador x dalmatian. She came with a very nice owner, so I married him. Fortunately I was living on half an acre in the Dandenong Ranges at this point in time.

Fast forward 10 years and I was once again dogless – and husbandless – so I made my move from the outer Eastern suburbs to the inner city. First stop was St Kilda where I haunted the dog beach and doted on everyone else’s dog. Eventually I could stand it no more and adopted Mindy, a 10 year old staffy x with multiple allergy issues. Then came the move to Richmond where I adopted a poodle x bichon frise who was being rehomed. I discovered later this was most likely due to his separation anxiety issues; he also came complete with a big voice and a lot to say.

And that brings us to the current day. Throughout all my doggy adventures I have always maintained that a happy dog is one that is well socialised, trained, and walked twice a day. And so after a couple of decades of dog ownership I finally launched Hound Central Dog Services so I could help dog owners in the inner city give their dogs the quality life they all deserve.

Helen 🙂


Who is who?

Indy is top left while Boo is top right, Mindy and I are in the middle, and Poppy is bottom right with the tennis ball.