Meet The Locals: Earnest

It is impossible to resist Earnest the Chinese Crested due to his natural good looks and irrepressible character. This cheeky man, below left, knows his charms and is luring Mindy over.

On hearing about Earnest’s history, kept for the first nine months of his life in a cage, his infectious grin is even more endearing. Earnest’s fortunes changed when the RSPCA rescued him and he was subsequently adopted.


At two years old he is definitely coming out of his shell. To see him now at Citizens Park you would never guess he was once very hesitant with other dogs and people. Since being adopted he has quickly acclimatised to the entire world.

As you can see, Earnest is enjoying life on the outside. He especially enjoys a bit of a massage and cuddle. When at the park, Phil the sausage dog is one of his favourite companions. Earnest’s progress is all the more remarkable when you consider that he missed all the early socialisation pups are usually exposed to with other dogs and even humans.

The Chinese Crested is an exotic looking dog that doesn’t actually originate in China. They hail from Mexican or African hairless dogs and were then adopted by Chinese onboard ships as they are excellent ratters. They were also thought to have magical properties, their “heating” ability is certainly magical!

There are two types of Crested, the hairless and the powder puff, the latter  has a full coat, Earnest, is the hairless type.

Earnest & massage.jpg
Here Earnest is enjoying a massage.

According to DogTime, Chinese Crested dogs are happy to stay inside with their owner for hours even though they do need exercise every day. They are an agile, quick dog with great fence scaling abilities. They are also an excellent companion dog and bond intensely with their owners. They tend not to be very friendly with strangers – Earnest must be the exception to this. While they don’t need lots of exercise plenty of mental stimulation is a must.

Should you want to be the instigator of another happy ending story like Earnest’s has 100s of dogs and cats looking for homes.

Helen 🙂


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