Meet The Locals: Max

In the dog world which dog has the widest smile? The Staffy of course! Check out Max, below. Max is a blue English Staffordshire terrier. (That would be his owner hovering behind him with the “sit” command.

max smiling.jpg

Max is still technically a baby being only 4 or 5 months old. He started going to puppy school at 10 weeks because he is so advanced. As a result Max is very well trained in sociability.

In fact, it is hard to get a photo of him by himself because he loves hanging out with Bluey and Ollie so much.

As you can see, the idea below was to get Max, Bluey, and Ollie all in a row. Instead Mindy muscled into the scene too. (If you keep reading you will see Ollie’s profile soon, Bluey is next though.)

MAX & Bluey & Mindy

The Staffy is a friendly sociable dog who was initially bred as a little fighter for the then popular “sport” of bull baiting. Fortunately those days are long gone and the Staffy is just interested in hanging out with its people. In fact, the Staffy is so enamoured of his family, and especially children, that he has earned the nickname the Nanny Dog.

The Staffy isn’t a laid back casual dog, according to DogBreedInfo this dog does everything “full throttle” with energy and enthusiasm. He will need lots of exercise, lots of socialisation, and lots of training.

But provide him with all this and you will have a typical Staffy, as DogBreedInfo describes them, “courageous and obedient” as well as affectionate with a sense of humour, just like Max.

Helen 🙂


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