Meet The Locals: Bluey

Below we see one of the trio mentioned previously, Bluey, a blue roan Cocker Spaniel demonstrating his superior sitting skills. He has just turned one! Unfortunately, I missed posting this on his 1st birthday: Sunday 19th March, so a belated Happy Birthday, Bluey!


My insider information tells me Bluey celebrated with his favourite dish, lasagne, and a trip to the beach; true to his breed he is very keen on swimming. On most days though instead of getting stuck into lasagne Bluey can be found running laps around Citizens Park with his owner Blenard. On weekends he gets to take it easy and hang out with Max and Ollie.

Lucky Bluey has a feline companion at home called Clitheroe. They are so close they share a water bowl, and a food bowl! (Maybe I got the latter part wrong?) At any rate, the deep dark truth is that Bluey is a bit of a sook, a bit clingy, but for all that very adaptable and a great companion.

The Cocker Spaniel has been around since King Henry VIII’s days. They are popular pets, especially with families, as they make great companions getting along with children and other pets, including cats and small animals. (So Bluey is running completely to norm!)

Helen 🙂




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