Meet The Locals: Harvey Wallace

Who is Arnie’s favourite wrestling mate? That’s right, Harvey the Dachshund, see below. But bear in mind it is terribly hard to get a photo of him as he is always on the move, hence the less than glamorous shot with a little bit of doggy saliva on this back.

(But better to be looked over than overlooked, hey Harvey?!)

Harvey: Living the Dream

Five month old Harvey spends a lot of time at the park “learning to play” as Tim and Lindsay put it. He is getting rather good at it- just ask Arnie.

He also gets to go to the office where he keeps the admin team productive and on-task. According to his owners he is doing his bit to contribute to the lowering of blood pressure and making the office a congenial, happy place.

“What’s good about Harvey?”  I asked Tim and Lindsay. Turns out that unlike some of the breed who can be nervous and anxious, Harvey is playful and confident, and not a barker. (That must be why he is loved at the office.)

One last picture of Harvey & Arnie playing.

Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers and other ferocious animals. Dachs in German means badger and hund means hound. Unlike how I have been pronouncing it, these dogs are daks hounds not dash hounds. According to the website Dachshunds have a reputation of being entertaining and fearless but “what they want most is to cuddle with their people.”

Aw, Harvey!

Helen 🙂


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