Meet The Locals: Arnie

This concerning photo appears to be of a little black and white dog throttling the life out of a Dachshund while his owner looks on. But do not fear- no blood was spilt. In actual fact, these two are great mates. The dachsy is Harvey Wallace – we will meet him later – his adversary/playmate is Arnie the Boston Terrier.

ArnieBeatingHarvey (1).jpg

(Boston Terriers and Dachshunds must have something in common as Arnie’s owner, Annie, previously owned a Dachshund.)

But back to Arnie, named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, this dashing pupster is energetic and full of life. Slightly younger than his namesake at 11 months, lucky Arnie can handle two walks a day including plenty of park visits where he indulges in some freestyle wrestling.

Nope, nothing vicious about this cutie!

When at the park Arnie lives up to his breed’s reputation as Boston Terriers were originally bred to be vicious pit fighting dogs. (Nah, I am kidding.) He does nothing of the sort!  Arnie does indulge in some play time and there is nothing vicious about him at all. In fact, by the 19th century the Boston Terrier had earned a new reputation and nickname The American Gentleman due to its friendly nature and the tuxedo-like bib on its chest- that describes Arnie perfectly. 

Boston Terriers are also very apartment-friendly and super intelligent. As one would expect from its name, the Boston Terrier originated in Boston, Massachussetts in the late 1800s.

Helen 🙂


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