Meet The Locals: Ollie

This fluffy, walking teddy bear is Ollie, a 22 month Labradoodle. Most mornings at Citizens Park you will find Ollie and his owner, Don, socializing with the regulars.

Ollie, heading this way for a pat, no doubt.

Ollie is Don’s first Labradoodle, his previous dogs being beagles. He says that Ollie is just a nice dog living a happy life. On meeting Ollie it is clear that he certainly is a happy-go-lucky chap. He will wander up for a pat and generally just hang with the gang. There are no crazy antics with Ollie, no jumping, no teasing other dogs, no slobber.

According to Labradoodles are sociable, friendly, nonaggressive and intuitive, that certainly describes Ollie to a tee. Vetstreet also scores Labradoodles high on every characteristic you could want in a dog, unless you particularly want a guard dog.

Ollie, momentarily distracted by the good smelling ground, as is Harvey. (There is something delicious in the soil that makes most of the dogs want to sample it!)

When you consider the history of the Labradoodle it becomes obvious why they weren’t designed to be guard dogs. In 1989, Wally Conron, the head breeder for the Guide Dog Association crossed Labrador Retrievers with Poodles in an attempt to create a hypoallergenic guide dog. It should be noted, however, that allergies are caused by dog dander (dead skin cells) so no dog is 100% hypoallergenic.

With fur that doesn’t really shed, no doggy smell, and a lovely sociable personality it is no wonder  the Labradoodle has grown in  popularity as a pet since then.

Helen 🙂

Stay tuned for Arnie, Harvey, Wally, Bluey, Max, another Ollie and more!


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