Meet The Locals: Imogen & Gary

This quirky duo reminds me of other well known, charismatic couples in history: Fred and Ginger, Sonny and Cher, Bonnie and Clyde, and the list goes on. The petite Imogen is 9 years old, rescued by Andrea and Casey when she was 1. She has certainly made an impact on her owners as when I asked, “What is she?” the answer came back quick as a flash.

“Evil,” said Andrea. (I think she was joking though.)  Then she elaborated that Imogen is probably a mixture of Cavalier King Charles, maltese, and shih tzu, in a very small package.

“Evil” Imogen

Imogen’s less evil companion is Gary, a 7 year old dingo, kelpie x.  He reminds me of a debonair Cary Grant for some reason, until he starts to walk. Then the after effects of the stroke he suffered last year become evident. Poor Gary is now a bit wonky on one of his back legs. That doesn’t stop him from gallivanting around the park and trying to play with the other dogs.

Andrea says his social skills aren’t quite up to scratch so when he excitedly barks to encourage the the others to play they often misunderstand and stop playing. Poor Gary!

What a sweetie! Who wouldn’t want to mix it up with Gary?

In Gary’s previous incarnation his name was Charlie, although he didn’t know or respond to his name. Sadly his last family didn’t have much time for him, apparently he was high maintenance, and so they didn’t like walking him.

At 6 he was given to the Blue Cross where fortune finally crossed his path and his new owners adopted him.

Andrea and Casey have had Gary since August last year. He now clearly knows his name.

(I do like a happy ending!)

Helen 🙂

P.S. Wanna follow the dynamic duo?




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