Meet The Locals: Ruby & Peta

Picture the scene: you are at Citizens Park in Richmond, your dogs are happily socialising, playing, and sniffing when two solid, snuffly, funsters come barreling over to get their fair share of love.

Who are they? Two pugs called Ruby and Peta.

Two Pugs.jpg

Ruby (12) and Peta (4) didn’t always live together as puggy-sisters. It was obviously meant to be though as when Bree and her partner met they discovered they each owned a pug. They rest, as they say, is history.

Just look how happy Ruby and Peta are about it.

What’s good about pugs? So much!

According to the Dogtime website pugs are comical characters always ready to play. They insist on being the centre of attention and live up to their reputation of being lap-dogs,  always wanting to be by your side. They will become quite despondent if they don’t get enough companionship.

Pugs have a long, regal history. Thought to originate in China,  many royal families kept and bred pugs. Once trade began with Europe the pug became popular with European families as well. For example, Marie Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte both owned pugs, called respectively Mops and Fortune. While in England Queen Victoria was also an avid pug fan, owning and breeding several.

Below, Ruby and Peta in a grumble of pugs. (Yes, that is the correct term. Fantastic, isn’t it?)


Helen 🙂


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