Meet The Locals: Ruby

If you’ve ever taken your furry friend to Citizens Park, chances are you have already met Ruby. Adopted from the PetRescue site by Marisa, this little darling is an irrepressible mix of energy and enthusiasm. At 8 months old Ruby is still a puppy, most likely a combination of kelpie, dingo and staffy, resulting in a not-too-big and not-too-small bundle of fun.


Unlike Dorothy and her ruby slippers, Ruby the dog never wants to go home from the park. And she is lucky enough that Marisa lets her play with all and sundry for hours. Just don’t let Ruby snaffle up your ball, as she’ll turn it into a vigorous game of chasey before you get it back.


While Ruby does have her favourites – there’s a little staffy she loves to have a rough and tumble with –she will play with anyone, even my two little canines when there are no better options.

Helen 🙂

P.S. If I’ve mixed up Ruby’s favourite staffy with one of the French Bulldogs please make a comment and I will fix the mistake.


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